Prints Gone Wild

3 Jul

Image via.

You guys… I’m talkin’ about Mara Hoffman.


Because her prints are freaking out of this world. There are, primarily, two things in my closet. Black on black on black, and a wide, wild variety of prints. It don’t make no sense. And that’s OK. I love a good print.

This print is something that I’ve been obsessed with since I saw it on a one-piece swimmy a month or so ago – I loved it so much I had to find out more. And oh, there’s so much more.

Hoffman is a NYC-based designer, went to Parsons, launched her first ready-to-wear in 2000, blah-de-blah… she’s awesome. According to her site, it was in 2005 that she began designing her fabulously bold prints, and she draws inspiration from “travel, nature, mythology and magic.” Because, well, why not?

So, let’s explore, shall we?

This dress is great. Great shape, great back, great draping… and I like how it says “yeah, I’m B.A. and I know it” so that you don’t have to. It’s a multi-tasker!

Ain’t no shame in a high-waisted short. Ever.

And now we’re statement-making, friends.

I’ll take this to wear over this, please.

And the best news? Her site, as of 2012 (this year, for those just joining us), now serves as an e-commerce spot, too. So… that means I only need to save 304 bones for this beaut! A girl needs a good romper, amirite?

Oh! And she has a blog, too. Enjoy, my style-savvy friends.


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