Decision-Making Amateur Hour

14 Jul

Photos by Jenny Rogers.

I moved into my place in October, and shortly after did some serious frame shopping, in an attempt to force myself to finally print some photos.

And, oh, what’s that? It’s now mid-July? And my frames are still lined up along a wall in my living room? Yup. Serious printin’ procrastination. My problem is this: I cannot make a decision.

So tonight I’ve been digitally sifting through my images, trying to determine with what to adorn my walls. And then it occurred to me – this here blog is getting stale. I mean, five-days-without-a-post stale. Solution? I’m sharing some of my favorite images from the past couple of years. You’ll see my decorating issue below – there’s absolutely no cohesion here. A total lack of theme. But maybe that’s OK. Maybe I’ll just throw it all up on the wall and see where things land. Or maybe I’ll just let these frames sit here for another six months, and call it a year.


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