Don’t Call It A Comeback

15 Jul

You. GUYS. The cray-cray rug is baaaack! I took a last-minute trip to IKEA with my coworker/PIC Kim, and this is what I snatched up (well, in addition to animal-shaped cookie cutters, of course).

I’ve pondered re-purchasing this bad boy at least three times, and yesterday was the day. You just can’t fight true love. Especially when it’s $40.

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

This home? To die for.

Oh, Internet. Shut up. (But in all seriousness… ugh).

State map prints! Very cool.

It’s as Ann as the nose on Plain’s face.

Remember this?  The world needs more Christopher Walken, if you ask me.

Tres chic. French fashion icons.

Love lists? Have a free afternoon (or week?) Enjoy.

Ah, Spencer Krug. Such a voice. This Sunset Rubdown Black Cab sesh is an oldie/goodie.


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