They Call Me Mellow Yellow (Quite Rightly)

1 Aug

Lately, I’ve been lusting after lemon. And coincidentally, looking to use more alliteration.

Yellow hues are, obviously, perfect for sunny summertime. And, while it’s been hotter than Hades up in this bish – leaving us with little need for a reminder that we are, in fact, in the midst of l’ete – I can still appreciate “dressing for the season.” And really, what’s better for these hot months than a sunshiny yellow? (Sunblock, that’s what).

Oh – and this is when it gets seriously narcissistic – I also really love pairing yellow with auburn hair. Which, as of this very moment, I have! The more you know…

In any case, let’s have a look-see at some of my favorite yellow pieces. You’re probably escaping the sun in front of your computer anyway… so why not?


Ann Taylor Elizabeth Pointy Flats

Rib and Hull Raw Wallet in Dijon

Scotch Naturals in Lemon Highlander

French Connection Lace T-shirt

Banana Republic Cropped Pant

Theory Aleksy Pullover Sweater

Mason by Michelle Mason Maxi


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