Do We Have $125?

4 Aug

I attended my first auction today with Doug Rogers, who is probably an auction pro. Garth’s Auctioneers and Appraisers, located in Delaware, hosted the Eclectic Auction this morning (the catalog’s online, for those interested), and it was a pretty interesting experience (save for the oppressive heat… no A/C in the auction room, apparently).

I didn’t bid on anything – out of my price range, for the most part – but I did see a number of items that I liked, especially when it came to glassware (obviously). The above glassware? My absolute fave.

In any case, I definitely plan on attending more, once I’ve learned a thing or two re: what things are worth, etc. But as or today’s experience, my two take-aways:

1. If a person is bidding (or even thinking about bidding) they mean business. And will literally plow through you like it is nothing… (Me to Doug: “Everyone here is socially inept.” Doug to me: Yeah, well it’s a business. But also… yes.”)

2. People are really, weirdly into dolls.


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