Decor Dreamin’

8 Aug

Photo by Paul Massey for Living Etc via Sanctuary

I’ve been perusing The Beautiful Soup for a while tonight (super fun Tuesday, you guys!) and I’m pretty excited by what I’m seeing. That excitement is delusional, of course, because it would take some serious money (or at least some serious garage-sale hoppin’) for me to make any of this happen in my own space. But a girl can dream, as they say.

So, what do you think? Are we in agreement of the badass-ery going on here? (All images via The Beautiful Soup).

In the above image, I love the texture, the mix-and-match chairs and of course the white walls. When it comes to interiors, white is always the new black.

Photo by Laure Joliet

As for this beaut, I honestly don’t know what I like more. The randomness of the frames? The driftwood bench? I actually think it may be the haphazard way that poster is slapped up against some out-of-nowhere wood (?) panels.

Originally via this site.

Us shorties won’t have to worry about noggin’ bumping in this adorable space… but I still think it could use a “watch your head” sign. Otherwise, chic, chic, chic.


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