Big Meals, Big Moments & The Death of Creativity

10 Aug

The meal of an Olympic male figure skater, via photographer Michael Bodiam.

The Internet is full of so much garbage. But also some pretty great stuff. You just have to do some sifting to find the real gems, like photographer Michael Bodiam’s take on an Olympic meal infographic. I’m not sure where he got his information – I’m assuming he did some digging to find out what these athletes munch on when they’re off the courts, out of the pools, etc. – but I’m super impressed nonetheless.

It’s just so charming!

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

Mohawk guy, obviously.

The Olympics end on Sunday, and it’s been a pretty fun ride. This moment was one of my favorites.

Indie rock meets MLB trade deadline… I know nothing about baseball, but got a chuckle out of this anyway.

More fun stuff from Paste… Avett cover art! Animated no less. Getting very, very excited for Sept. 11.

Misogyny so nice, they did it twice.

Looking forward to a new alb. from these crazy kids.

Something new to covet… Plomo shoes.

Digging this Lolla photo, taken by my pal Ryka. Wish I had seen the shows, but not sad I missed the evac. Yikes!

You guys! It’s really happening!


2 Responses to “Big Meals, Big Moments & The Death of Creativity”

  1. Amy August 11, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Pretty good roundup! I want those shoes! Can I suggest some sort of linkage on Courtney Stodden at some future point? We all are on the edge of our seats w/her possible seperation from obvious soulmate Doug.

  2. heyjennyrogers August 11, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    Amy – Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the link roundup. Re: Stodden… I absolutely agree that this is something on which we as a nation need to dedicate more time and energy.

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