Better Late…

13 Aug

Image via Anthropologie.

Once upon a time, A Few of My Favorite Pins was slated to be a weekly thing. My summer’s been quite busy (whose hasn’t?!) and in turn I’ve been posting a lot less than I’d like. But here we are. So tonight, I’m giving this a whirl once again…

Anthropologie’s vintage map notebooks are right up my alley. And even though August no longer means “back to school,” I still believe in stocking up on pretty items for my desk. If you do, too, you can purchase these lovelies here.

I’m not 100 percent sure that I could pull off these swanky sunnies, but I’ll try (most) anything once. Oh, that is of course if I could afford them. As Kanye would say, nicely done Pra-dah.

Um. No words, really, for this adorable Fiat Jolly. I would take that baby for a spin in a heartbeat. More cute lil’ wheels here.

A kid’s space that’s adorable yet cool! From Okologi Sustainable Interiors.

Between this and this, we’ve got velvet covered. And I’m into it.

This neckline! So pretty. So different. And it should be, I suppose…. for more than a K.

Seriously digging this multi-multi picture frame. Seen at the Palihouse Holloway boutique hotel in LA.

Need Supply Co. knows what I need with these babies. Oh, mint.


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