Quality > Quantity

19 Aug

Image via Grand People.

This week’s A Few of My Favorite Pins features just that – a few. That’s because Pinterest, like many other things in my life at the moment, is not something I have much time for. But! That doesn’t mean I didn’t find a handful of pins worth sharing.

Sometimes you just want to buy something that’s totally useless, but totally fun. These little birdies¬†are a good example of just that. Created by Lars Beller Fjetland, the birds started out as leftover wood and trash, and each one is slightly different. And the packaging for the Grand People product is 1oo-percent recycled, too

This calendar from Rifle Paper Co. makes staring at a packed schedule much less stressful.

Gluten-free? Just trying to eat a bit healthier? Quinoa’s your grain. Check out these 16 ways to eat quinoa for eats inspiration.

The perfect sweater for summer-fall transition, thanks to Isabel Marant. I’d wear this with just about anything.

Gah! These plates are so adorable. Not for eating, obviously. Who would want to cover up those little flags?! Available from artist Julia Dely’s Etsy.


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