Comfy, Not Chic.

11 Sep

The Gap — a store that I love, so don’t get me wrong — recently sent out one of those “Free shipping off a purchase of way too much money!” emails. And that email was about a “trend they love,” otherwise known as sweatshirt chic.

So, I am fully prepared to be 100 percent wrong here, but… I just do not get “sweatshirt chic.” There were these pants in that email… you guys, these pants. They were like an old pair of your high school ex-boyfriend’s PJ pants, but with a big-ass tie at the waist and paired with pumps. Yes, pumps.

Clearly I’ve drank the haterade, and “to each his own”, etc. etc. I certainly wear outfits (like right now… OMG, right now) that I would never want to be seen in. But I can say, with some certainty, that no one (the email model included) looks good in tie-waist sweats with a pair of high heels.

And now that this is off my chest, I can talk about what’s really important… a season-appropriate piece of sweat-wear that, while I do not need, I want very terribly. And the cherry on top? Our Bobkitties actually aren’t that bad this year. Available, of course, at Homage.



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