Heck, Yeah.

14 Sep

I stumbled across a piece today by Ugo Rondinone, whose existence I was unaware until this afternoon’s Pinterest browse-sesh.

The piece that caught my eye, as you can see below, is titled “Hell, Yes!,” and was, at one point, installed on the façade of the New Museum in New York, New York.

Rondinone is a Swiss installation artist who’s spent the last few decades working in all sorts of mediums, and his work – according to a bio from the New Museum – “explores notions of emotional and psychic profundity found in the most banal elements of everyday life.” Not sure exactly what that has to do with a sign that says “Hell, Yes!,” but that’s probably why I’m not an art critic.

The artist’s rainbow-hued, neon sculptures are, in my eyes, lovely. But I wasn’t shocked to see, via my Google search, that not everyone was thrilled with the Hell, Yes! installation way back in 2001. I especially find the description of such work as “subversive” in this New York Observer article fairly hysterical. But to each their swear-word own.

Also really enjoying this piece, “Where Do We Go From Here?” I can’t seem to find much information on it, but if you want to look into it for me, please… go right ahead.


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