Of Corset

24 Sep

Totally fascinated by this article about Mr. Pearl, South African-born, Paris-living corsetier to the stars — and those who desire teeny tiny waists.

I’ve never tried on a corset — not even back in the day when Wet Seal, etc. sold those flimsy, silky tank tops that had two strips of “boning” down the sides. Just really, really not my style. However, you can’t deny that they can be pretty beautiful. And they’re certainly intriguing. Relics of a strict patriarchy certain people in our country seem to wish we’d return to, sure… but intriguing nonetheless.

I am interested in lasting beauty. I speak only from my own experience: the altered breathing, circulation of blood, the elongation of the spine and the compression of organs totally focuses and enhances the awareness you have physically and mentally. — Mr. Pearl

So, about Mr. Pearl. He actually dons a corset himself… everyday. His waist? It’s 18 freaking inches. 18 inches. You can view that insanity (sorry, but seriously) at the link up top. But more interesting than that are these shots from inside his studio, which are lush with detail, whimsy and pieces of haute couture inspiration. Just beautiful.


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