Do it. Yourself.

10 Dec


I was hesitant to post this, as I’m still contemplating making one or two of the items on this list for family & friends this Christmas.

But… c’mon. I had to share the wealth! Kudos to the folks at Buzzfeed for this super-cool rundown of DIY treats.

Up top is something that my dad made for Deb a while back. I’ve been meaning to make one myself, and I think this chic version has re-inspired me. Make it: jewelry frame.

lacevoticesAren’t these awesome!? Tough + sweet. I mean… if leather and lace is going to be “a thing” this season (I’m into it, FYI), why not straight-up cement and lace? Make it: cement and “lace” votives.


Leave it to Martha to come up with these adorable cork coasters. Man, cork is always a good thing. Make it: personalized cork coasters.


Alright. Someone get me some geodes, stat. Make it: geode rings.


One Response to “Do it. Yourself.”

  1. laramindy December 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    Ooh I’d like try one of these!

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