These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

16 Dec


And by “things,” I mean “magazine covers.”

And by “favorite” I mean “recently.”

Now, I understand that magazine design is a pretty frivolous thing to think about only two days since the occurrence of one of the worst scenarios that any of us could ever imagine. But I’ve also found myself thinking about cover design a lot lately, especially as it relates to upsetting news. Good design can tell a story — even a horrific one — while still remaining ethical and fair. But that’s not often what we see. The New York Post, for example, just recently threw all sense of decency in the garbage when they decided to do this.

With all of that said… the covers below (and up top… that’s the Dallas Observer’s cover from the first week of the month), aren’t necessarily instances of bad news being covered in a decent way. They’re just examples of design that caught my eye this month. All originally via Coverjunkie.

lawschoolLaw school take-down from The Washington Post Magazine.

orangecoastFood-styling spectacular from Orange Coast Magazine.

metropoliMore food-styling shenanigans (dare I say this one is better?) from Spain’s La Luna de Metrópoli magazine.

franceA baguette ticking time bomb from The Economist

walmartTerrifying, really, from Bloomberg.

melIs Mel getting self-aware? (Doubtful). From Esquire Russia.


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