Hibernation is for Losers

27 Dec


What’s Daft Punk got to do with January? Read on. Image via.

The Cap City is a great place to live. There’s no doubt. But I think we can all agree that January tends to be a little… dull… no matter where you live. For me personally, I’m in party mode from the first days of Halloween-costume prep until the wee hours after the ball drops, and so the long days of the year’s first month can be a bit melancholy.

Solution: things to do. And so I’m sharing with you, pals, some of Columbus’s January highlights.

The World’s Toughest Rodeo comes to town on January 12. They wouldn’t lie about being the world’s toughest, right? Right?

The Wex is showing a lot of great films this month. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Are you talented? No? Are you delusional? Great! Casting for America’s Got Talent will take place at the Convention Center on January 19 and 20! The people-watching alone might be worth it… (Also, AGT: hire a new web designer, stat! Good grief that’s an ugly site).

Restaurant Week! Enough said. Eat. Up.

I can’t stand Morrissey, but I know a lot of people feel otherwise. Enjoy you crazy kids! He’s at the LC on January 22.

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this but… a tribute to Daft Punk? I’m too intrigued not to be into this. January 28 at the Newport.

OK… so it’s not really a Columbus highlight… but for all my Matthew Crowley lovahs: Downton returns on January 6!

None of these goings-on catch your interest? May I suggest: drinks at Double Happinesskaraoke at Mickeysa food tour of the North Marketa late-night meal at Tip Topreliving childhood memories at COSIa snowy photo outing in German Villagea dance party with good friends at Park Street Tavern.


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