Kick Start, 2014-Style

26 May

IMG_0439The Avett Bros., June 2012 in Dayton.


It’s been a long time coming, but how about the first kick-start of the year? Don’t be bored this week, people!

Kick-Start: What to look forward to this week.

Bastille was sold out, making me wish I had more friends with connections. But! Lo and behold, the LC’s done it again. Tomorrow’s show’s been moved outdoors. Enjoy, crazy kids.

Downtown’s Pearl Market opened last week—complete with bagpipers! Grab lunch, veggies and some people watching on Tuesday and Friday.

Movie lovers and nerds (I mean that in a nice way!): Check out The Science of Superheroes Debate: What’s More Important Fact or Fiction? at Gateway Film Center on Friday night.

Join me on Saturday! I’m making the trek to Nelsonville to see my boys. (The rest of the lineup is pretty stellar, too.)


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