Be Inspired

8 Jun


Most who know me know that my career is—at this point in time, at least—my primary focus. It’s also my primary source of joy, which I think  can be attributed to working with such talented, stimulating and straight-up on-the-ball people. I mention this because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about inspiration, and about how it can come from obvious places—coworkers, literature, art—and from people and things that are more enigmatic.

I was constantly inspired this weekend: from laughter with good friends who I haven’t seen in ages; from wandering around Downtown Columbus during the Arts Festival; from incredible drinks and conversation with a handful of people I had never met; and from even a quick tour of a pal’s new(ish) home, which she’s decorated, naturally, fantastically.

Tonight’s inspiration, I suppose, falls somewhere in between the obvious and the ambiguous. I was checking out recent posts on 99U, the educational arm of creativity-showcase site Behance, and I came across a post about poet-artist-professional-slash-haver Austin Kleon. I’ve come across posts about (and by) Kleon before, but had never paid much attention to his work. Tonight I did, though, and I’m just totally enamored with his Newspaper Blackout work.

Kleon created a collection of poems by redacting newspaper text with a permanent marker. It’s so ingenious, and I love how he’s created both totally witty and incredibly poignant works from articles about otherwise pedestrian, everyday stuff (i.e. “The News”).

Of course, he’s done a great deal more than just publish this book and the corresponding website. And I’m looking forward to following his work with more awareness now.

Here’s to wine-fueled Sunday-night inspiration finding.


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