HEY JENNY ROGERS is a collection of musings, ideas, images and more from me, Jenny Rogers. Once again an editor & writer for a living, but still trying to make time to write for myself (aka “for fun”). This blog serves as my creative outlet while hopefully entertaining at least a few of you. HJR features original content, in addition to the ideas and creative work of others.

I live and work in my hometown of Columbus, OH. Always a fan of the written word, I studied magazine journalism at Ohio University before working as an editor for a statewide lifestyle and travel magazine. Now I work for a city mag, celebrating the city I love each and every day. It rocks. In addition to my thoughts on things, HJR will also serve as a digital canvas for my photography (which, if everything works out as I’d like, will not look too terribly amateur).

So, what can you expect? A healthy dose of my favorite things, including musings on: cheap & easy home decor, last-minute travel, music live and otherwise, fashion and, if you’re lucky, my rag-tag group of pals.

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