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Wise Up

19 Nov

Well. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it? HJR’s been a little too busy as of late, and so here we are. I had great intentions of posting a lot of really awesome, insightful, witty, hilarious & entertaining things tonight (keep the laughter to a min., please), but it’s Monday and I’m already fried. So: what better way to jump-start the week than in a lazy but still pretty cool way… I give you Grace C. looking as f-i-e-r-c-e as evah. Behold, the red-headed beauty.

Isn’t she just great? i-D mag certainly thinks so, which is why they’ve featured her as a cover girl for their Wise Up issue. (Note to self: wear more cobalt).


Fiona Killed It (Natch)

7 Jul

Photos by Jenny Rogers.

Well, that was incredible. Fiona killed it. Set list? Perfect. Voice? Better than I’ve ever heard it. And she seemed like she had a blast up there. Thanks, lady, for a freaking fantastic show.

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

Sunscreen in a pill? I’m dubious.

Sometimes I look something up online, which leads me to a site, which leads me to a site, which leads me to yet another site… and I’m in like a rabbit hole of Internet nonsense. And sometimes I strike gold. Does that happen to anyone else? In any case, a recent search lead me to a Wikipedia page that lead me to a Tumblr that lead me to this post on the site for Wow Magazine, which appears to be French, and awesome. Oh, and I was Google-ing Blood Orange, for those who are interested.

Some fine photojournalism that I’ve had saved to my bookmarks for about 2 months now.

Even more prints gone wild – really digging these Loquita handbags, especially the Bird Weekender. Travel in style, people.

This story about two tots on the Titanic is several weeks old, but I’ve read it like a dozen times now. Louis and Lump! It really doesn’t get any cuter.

Whoops, San Diego!

Gold. Enough said.

Get better, little guys!

Because it’s Saturday. We dance.