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Walk-In Wonder

21 Sep

I came across Elisa Beltran’s blog today, and can’t stop browsing her decor shots. One of the most eye-catching? This extreme closet, from the home of designer Teresa Helbig.

I can’t read a thing on Beltran’s site, as it’s in Spanish, but no worries — pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words. And these shots (and those on her Pinterest, too), are speaking volumes to me. Now, if only I’d have a free weekend to do some decorating of my own…




22 Aug

Image via Dwell.

Two things on this Tuesday evening (that I totally thought was a Monday evening while typing this sentence… is that a win or lose?!):

1. Dwell makes it impossibly hard to feel content with my tiny humble abode.

2. Rugs are something that I am very, very interested in. And by “interested in” I mean “would spend a lot of dough on, were that a responsible thing to do.”

Click through for more images of rug designer Nani Marquina’s sweet space.

Mumford, Maps & Myriad Links

17 Aug

This week was a doozy, folks. Busy, busy, busy both at and away from work. Sorry about the lack of posts… I keep telling myself that the fall will give me more time for things like HJR, but I think that may be a silly thing to think.

So, as for my week, the highlight was definitely the Mumford & Sons show on Tuesday night (and as for the song at the link… I can’t even). The LC really did us a favor with the festival setup out back, and Mumford, Dawes and Apache Relay all put on a fantastic, raucous show.

Also exciting was the arrival, this afternoon, of the above. I ordered this from one of those bargain sites (specifically, Touch of Modern), last week, and I’m super excited to have it hanging on my walls. My love of London (and maps) really knows no bounds, and this baby’s a map of all of London’s streets – complete with cycle routes! The map’s from a UK-based company called The Future Mapping Company, and if you’re as into cartography as I am, check ’em out!

Although this week didn’t allow me much time to post a whole heck of a lot, I certainly happened upon a number of things that I found worth sharing.

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

The Short List came up with, well, a list of the 30 most stylish film characters. I’d have to agree with the Dude. No one holds a candle!

David Rakoff was a great storyteller. This clip is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

When I lived in Cleveland, I volunteered each weekend at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). They shared today the story of Wyatt, a pup who was left in a pretty crummy situation and missing a back paw. This video tells a bit about Wyatt’s story so far, and by clicking here you can donate to his recovery and the creation of his prosthetic!

God, how out of touch is Paul Ryan? Rage? Really? Does he not underst..nevermind. Mind melt. (Also, one time Stef, Mar and I saw Zack de la Rocha on the street in Chicago – with his mom – and he seemed like a total dork. Which was cool).

More from the Gawker universe: Donald Trump is such a blowhardI’m sorry… I mean loser.

Ugh to Putin, but also Ugh to Reuters. How, again, is a short skirt  relavent to this story?

These sculptures are incredible!

Loving this gift-wrap idea.

I’m convinced that the universe is trying to get me to go into an American Eagle again. This is just more proof.

One of the most important things you will click on this year. Trust me.

Better Late…

13 Aug

Image via Anthropologie.

Once upon a time, A Few of My Favorite Pins was slated to be a weekly thing. My summer’s been quite busy (whose hasn’t?!) and in turn I’ve been posting a lot less than I’d like. But here we are. So tonight, I’m giving this a whirl once again…

Anthropologie’s vintage map notebooks are right up my alley. And even though August no longer means “back to school,” I still believe in stocking up on pretty items for my desk. If you do, too, you can purchase these lovelies here.

I’m not 100 percent sure that I could pull off these swanky sunnies, but I’ll try (most) anything once. Oh, that is of course if I could afford them. As Kanye would say, nicely done Pra-dah.

Um. No words, really, for this adorable Fiat Jolly. I would take that baby for a spin in a heartbeat. More cute lil’ wheels here.

A kid’s space that’s adorable yet cool! From Okologi Sustainable Interiors.

Between this and this, we’ve got velvet covered. And I’m into it.

This neckline! So pretty. So different. And it should be, I suppose…. for more than a K.

Seriously digging this multi-multi picture frame. Seen at the Palihouse Holloway boutique hotel in LA.

Need Supply Co. knows what I need with these babies. Oh, mint.

Decor Dreamin’

8 Aug

Photo by Paul Massey for Living Etc via Sanctuary

I’ve been perusing The Beautiful Soup for a while tonight (super fun Tuesday, you guys!) and I’m pretty excited by what I’m seeing. That excitement is delusional, of course, because it would take some serious money (or at least some serious garage-sale hoppin’) for me to make any of this happen in my own space. But a girl can dream, as they say.

So, what do you think? Are we in agreement of the badass-ery going on here? (All images via The Beautiful Soup).

In the above image, I love the texture, the mix-and-match chairs and of course the white walls. When it comes to interiors, white is always the new black.

Photo by Laure Joliet

As for this beaut, I honestly don’t know what I like more. The randomness of the frames? The driftwood bench? I actually think it may be the haphazard way that poster is slapped up against some out-of-nowhere wood (?) panels.

Originally via this site.

Us shorties won’t have to worry about noggin’ bumping in this adorable space… but I still think it could use a “watch your head” sign. Otherwise, chic, chic, chic.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

15 Jul

You. GUYS. The cray-cray rug is baaaack! I took a last-minute trip to IKEA with my coworker/PIC Kim, and this is what I snatched up (well, in addition to animal-shaped cookie cutters, of course).

I’ve pondered re-purchasing this bad boy at least three times, and yesterday was the day. You just can’t fight true love. Especially when it’s $40.

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

This home? To die for.

Oh, Internet. Shut up. (But in all seriousness… ugh).

State map prints! Very cool.

It’s as Ann as the nose on Plain’s face.

Remember this?  The world needs more Christopher Walken, if you ask me.

Tres chic. French fashion icons.

Love lists? Have a free afternoon (or week?) Enjoy.

Ah, Spencer Krug. Such a voice. This Sunset Rubdown Black Cab sesh is an oldie/goodie.

Decision-Making Amateur Hour

14 Jul

Photos by Jenny Rogers.

I moved into my place in October, and shortly after did some serious frame shopping, in an attempt to force myself to finally print some photos.

And, oh, what’s that? It’s now mid-July? And my frames are still lined up along a wall in my living room? Yup. Serious printin’ procrastination. My problem is this: I cannot make a decision.

So tonight I’ve been digitally sifting through my images, trying to determine with what to adorn my walls. And then it occurred to me – this here blog is getting stale. I mean, five-days-without-a-post stale. Solution? I’m sharing some of my favorite images from the past couple of years. You’ll see my decorating issue below – there’s absolutely no cohesion here. A total lack of theme. But maybe that’s OK. Maybe I’ll just throw it all up on the wall and see where things land. Or maybe I’ll just let these frames sit here for another six months, and call it a year.