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6 Jan

The first week of the new year has come and gone, and I’ve failed to follow my schedule, once again. But while this post is reaching all of you a bit late, I still wanted to share some of my favorite 2012 memories — 2012 was a great year for a number of reasons (most of those reasons being the many wonderful people in my life), and full of great experiences. 2013 is already off to a fab start, so let’s cheers to more memory-making in the new year!














Hibernation is for Losers

27 Dec


What’s Daft Punk got to do with January? Read on. Image via.

The Cap City is a great place to live. There’s no doubt. But I think we can all agree that January tends to be a little… dull… no matter where you live. For me personally, I’m in party mode from the first days of Halloween-costume prep until the wee hours after the ball drops, and so the long days of the year’s first month can be a bit melancholy.

Solution: things to do. And so I’m sharing with you, pals, some of Columbus’s January highlights.

The World’s Toughest Rodeo comes to town on January 12. They wouldn’t lie about being the world’s toughest, right? Right?

The Wex is showing a lot of great films this month. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Are you talented? No? Are you delusional? Great! Casting for America’s Got Talent will take place at the Convention Center on January 19 and 20! The people-watching alone might be worth it… (Also, AGT: hire a new web designer, stat! Good grief that’s an ugly site).

Restaurant Week! Enough said. Eat. Up.

I can’t stand Morrissey, but I know a lot of people feel otherwise. Enjoy you crazy kids! He’s at the LC on January 22.

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this but… a tribute to Daft Punk? I’m too intrigued not to be into this. January 28 at the Newport.

OK… so it’s not really a Columbus highlight… but for all my Matthew Crowley lovahs: Downton returns on January 6!

None of these goings-on catch your interest? May I suggest: drinks at Double Happinesskaraoke at Mickeysa food tour of the North Marketa late-night meal at Tip Topreliving childhood memories at COSIa snowy photo outing in German Villagea dance party with good friends at Park Street Tavern.

Eat, Drink and Watch Football

17 Sep

Early autumn leaves. Jenny Rogers.

Ah, hello again, Monday. I certainly hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. As we all know by now, I have been missing in action, as they say, on many fronts. Including Kick-Start, my mini-guide to Columbus happenings for the week (as I see them, of course). So, let’s get back to calendar-marking, shall we?

Kick-Start: What to look forward to this week.

Columbus Young Professionals knows you probably already need a drink, and so they’ve acted accordingly. Head to their South American-themed wine tasting tomorrow at Camelot Cellars Winery in the Short North.

Do you like pizza? Are you a non-allergic human being? Thought so. Slice of Columbus is happening on Wednesday at the Columbus Commons, and boy am I sad to be missing it. This event was one of my first social outings upon moving back to the ‘Bus last year, and it was, in a word, amazing. And this year will probably be even better, as the new location has wayyy more space for pizza consumption than Huntington Park. Cheers, cheese lovers.

For all you snobs, BalletMet’s The American Songbook opens on Friday (and runs through October 7). And for one of the best ballet companies in the region, admission prices aren’t all that steep, with tickets starting at just $20.

Also on Friday is a screening of The Sound of Music at Goodale Park. The flick begins at sundown (ugh, so early now), and is preceded by a half hour of cartoons… if you’re into that. Oh! And it’s free.

Hang out at the museum after hours – and for a good cause – during Art for Life at the Columbus Museum of Art. This annual event raises funds for AIDS Resource Center Ohio, and includes an art auction and plenty of great food and drink for those that didn’t get their fill at the wine tasting and pizza-stuffing contest.

Oh, and of course… Buckeye football.


– Yours in trying to live for more than the weekends

Comfy, Not Chic.

11 Sep

The Gap — a store that I love, so don’t get me wrong — recently sent out one of those “Free shipping off a purchase of way too much money!” emails. And that email was about a “trend they love,” otherwise known as sweatshirt chic.

So, I am fully prepared to be 100 percent wrong here, but… I just do not get “sweatshirt chic.” There were these pants in that email… you guys, these pants. They were like an old pair of your high school ex-boyfriend’s PJ pants, but with a big-ass tie at the waist and paired with pumps. Yes, pumps.

Clearly I’ve drank the haterade, and “to each his own”, etc. etc. I certainly wear outfits (like right now… OMG, right now) that I would never want to be seen in. But I can say, with some certainty, that no one (the email model included) looks good in tie-waist sweats with a pair of high heels.

And now that this is off my chest, I can talk about what’s really important… a season-appropriate piece of sweat-wear that, while I do not need, I want very terribly. And the cherry on top? Our Bobkitties actually aren’t that bad this year. Available, of course, at Homage.


Baseball, Bacon & Blues

22 Aug

Photos by Jenny Rogers.

I love late-summer evenings.

And with the amount of autumn-focused posts I have planned, you’d think the theme of HJR was “weather.” I know, I know. It’s soooo cliche this time of year to hear about how “nice it’s been outside.” But the thing is, I’m infatuated with this time of year. Sure, the days are getting shorter, but the crisp air is definitely welcomeafter the summer we’ve had. I won’t put all my apples (get it? because they’re seasonal?) in the fall basket just yet, but I will admit that I’m super excited.

So, what else is there to be excited about?

Kick-Start: What to look forward to this week.

We don’t have a huge professional sports scene in Columbus, but we do have serious rivalries. Check out the baseball variety on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday when the Clips take on the T-Town Mud Hens. Penny pinching? Tickets start at just 12 bones.

Crafty? Obsessed with pinning DIY projects that you’ll probably never get around to? Check out Etsy Team Columbus’ annual craft party on Friday. It’s free!

Catch some fashion flicks at the Columbus Museum of Art this weekend, when they host the Kleibacker Film Fest. Friday’s film is Bill Cunningham New York (su-freaking-purb), Saturday’s film is The September Issue, and Sunday’s film is Secret World of Haute Couture.

Hungry? Thirsty? Feel like partying? The Columbus Food Truck Fest takes place at the Ohio Historical Center on Saturday and Sunday; BaconCamp Columbus is happening on Saturday; and Summer Beerfest will be raging on Saturday night. Cheers!

Fan of Dr. House? Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band take the stage at the LC on Sunday.

Mumford, Maps & Myriad Links

17 Aug

This week was a doozy, folks. Busy, busy, busy both at and away from work. Sorry about the lack of posts… I keep telling myself that the fall will give me more time for things like HJR, but I think that may be a silly thing to think.

So, as for my week, the highlight was definitely the Mumford & Sons show on Tuesday night (and as for the song at the link… I can’t even). The LC really did us a favor with the festival setup out back, and Mumford, Dawes and Apache Relay all put on a fantastic, raucous show.

Also exciting was the arrival, this afternoon, of the above. I ordered this from one of those bargain sites (specifically, Touch of Modern), last week, and I’m super excited to have it hanging on my walls. My love of London (and maps) really knows no bounds, and this baby’s a map of all of London’s streets – complete with cycle routes! The map’s from a UK-based company called The Future Mapping Company, and if you’re as into cartography as I am, check ’em out!

Although this week didn’t allow me much time to post a whole heck of a lot, I certainly happened upon a number of things that I found worth sharing.

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

The Short List came up with, well, a list of the 30 most stylish film characters. I’d have to agree with the Dude. No one holds a candle!

David Rakoff was a great storyteller. This clip is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

When I lived in Cleveland, I volunteered each weekend at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). They shared today the story of Wyatt, a pup who was left in a pretty crummy situation and missing a back paw. This video tells a bit about Wyatt’s story so far, and by clicking here you can donate to his recovery and the creation of his prosthetic!

God, how out of touch is Paul Ryan? Rage? Really? Does he not underst..nevermind. Mind melt. (Also, one time Stef, Mar and I saw Zack de la Rocha on the street in Chicago – with his mom – and he seemed like a total dork. Which was cool).

More from the Gawker universe: Donald Trump is such a blowhardI’m sorry… I mean loser.

Ugh to Putin, but also Ugh to Reuters. How, again, is a short skirt  relavent to this story?

These sculptures are incredible!

Loving this gift-wrap idea.

I’m convinced that the universe is trying to get me to go into an American Eagle again. This is just more proof.

One of the most important things you will click on this year. Trust me.

I Mead Your Love

10 Aug

A bunch of ladies at a meadery. Enjoying the meads. Doesn’t Mary’s cocktails look bananas?!

The above title is an example of the kind of joke you make after a tour at Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar, located on the corner of 5th and High in the Short North. Maybe it was due to International Mead Day – which last Saturday happened to be – or maybe the tasting pours are always that generous. In any case, my first experience at Bros. Drake did not disappoint. And somewhere between Bergamot Blue and Apple Pie (I guess that would have been the paw paw mead) I was feelin’ good.

But less about my buzz during my pal’s bachelorette party less weekend, and more about Brothers Drake… sound good? Our tour guide gave a fairly comprehensive run-down of how Brothers Drake came to be – it started as the idea of two brothers who liked to home-brew their mead – but I feel that their site fairly succinctly sums up  what the meadery is all about. Namely, being local and sustainable.

“Every day we work to source the most local, pure, organic and fresh ingredients to craft our meads.To us, ‘local’ is not just a buzz word – it’s our guiding principle. Local makes our mead the highest quality. Local supports our beekeepers and farmers. Local means integrating spirits from Ohio, local art and music into our Meadery & Bar located in the heart of Columbus.

This is why we decided to sell our product only locally. So you’re not going to see us producing huge quantities of mead and shipping it all over the country. Local is what makes us distinct.

We make it here, we sell it here. We hope you’ll enjoy it here.”

(Emphasis mine).

Full disclosure: there were certainly parts of the tour that I found long-winded – possibly due to the fact that I had three glasses of mead in me – but this talk of not only producing a product local but also distributing it local resonated with me. The meadery seems to have a really smart business model for being both successful and truly sustainable, which obviously involves a lot of sacrifice (in particular the profit that they could be making by “getting big” and sending their bottles off across the country). I won’t type your ears off here, I promise. But for anyone interested in trying something new and learning a thing or two about a local biz, I’d definitely suggest taking a tour.

And for those who want to check out Brothers Drake without parting with the extra $20 a tour will run ya, the bar is worth a visit on its own. They also make their cocktails with mead (and a number of other Ohio spirits), and although I only tried a couple, what I had was spectacular.