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On Track

9 Jun

homepage_large.e649308dCourtesy Caribou/Pitchfork


Back when I was young and hip and went to shows more often than work (because I was in college, get it?) I saw Caribou perform at the Wex. It was the spring of 2008, and he was touring for the album Andorra. I was absolutely obsessed with Melody Day. So trippy. So dreamy. Just like his performance!

Pitchfork reviewed Caribou’s new track “Can’t Do Without You” a few days ago, and were kind enough to stream it in the review.  I think it’s simply fantastic. And, for the record, it perfectly suits a 10 p.m. workout after a long, stressful day.

Cheers to the end of Monday, enjoy the track.


Hibernation is for Losers

27 Dec


What’s Daft Punk got to do with January? Read on. Image via.

The Cap City is a great place to live. There’s no doubt. But I think we can all agree that January tends to be a little… dull… no matter where you live. For me personally, I’m in party mode from the first days of Halloween-costume prep until the wee hours after the ball drops, and so the long days of the year’s first month can be a bit melancholy.

Solution: things to do. And so I’m sharing with you, pals, some of Columbus’s January highlights.

The World’s Toughest Rodeo comes to town on January 12. They wouldn’t lie about being the world’s toughest, right? Right?

The Wex is showing a lot of great films this month. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Are you talented? No? Are you delusional? Great! Casting for America’s Got Talent will take place at the Convention Center on January 19 and 20! The people-watching alone might be worth it… (Also, AGT: hire a new web designer, stat! Good grief that’s an ugly site).

Restaurant Week! Enough said. Eat. Up.

I can’t stand Morrissey, but I know a lot of people feel otherwise. Enjoy you crazy kids! He’s at the LC on January 22.

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this but… a tribute to Daft Punk? I’m too intrigued not to be into this. January 28 at the Newport.

OK… so it’s not really a Columbus highlight… but for all my Matthew Crowley lovahs: Downton returns on January 6!

None of these goings-on catch your interest? May I suggest: drinks at Double Happinesskaraoke at Mickeysa food tour of the North Marketa late-night meal at Tip Topreliving childhood memories at COSIa snowy photo outing in German Villagea dance party with good friends at Park Street Tavern.

Music Memory Musings

11 Oct

I’ve been working on a new mix tonight – for Deb, whose birthday is tomorrow and who was recently certified to teach yoga (go Deb!) Anyway, I’m attempting to make an appropriate mix for her to play during her classes, and it dawned on me that it’s always these moments – when I inadvertently double-click on a song that hasn’t been double-clicked on in months, or even years, as in the case of this evening – that I’m struck by just how much music can really impact your emotional, mental and physical states.

Side note: I saw Jack White in Columbus on Monday, and man-oh-man was that show just phenomenal. It made me miss listening to The White Stripes, which I haven’t really done in some time, and which I started doing again almost immediately after returning home on Monday evening. I had a silly-serious chat with a coworker about how seeing an artist live can really impact your perspective of them (obvs), and in my case, whether the show is good or bad, I always leave loving the musician(s) just that much more. I guess it’s one part charisma, one part “Jenny quirk.” OK, end of the side note…

Anyway, back to my mix-making, and where this led my thoughts… I played a Death Cab for Cutie song (Summer Skin) that I haven’t listened to in years. I actually haven’t listened to much Death Cab at all since ohhh maybe 2007, so this fact isn’t that surprising… but the song immediately made me think of a wonderful, almost surreal, moment in my life:

I was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car cruising down the left side of some English freeway, on my way from London to Brighton. It was the spring (probably May) of 2006, and I was simultaneously the exact same person I am today and someone that I cannot, via memory, even recognize. I was en route with someone who, at the time, meant very much to me, and he was telling me all about the town where he went to university. Then he asked me to swap his iPod for mine (he was likely playing the Stone Roses), and I chose to play the album Plans, which had recently been released. I was really into it when I left for London, but as studying abroad tends to do, I had become quite “worldly” in the last few weeks, and was immediately aware how silly the songs sounded. Especially Crooked Teeth, which at the time was my favorite. My copilot was kind, and gave me a sort of “oh that’s not really my type of music” response, and while I didn’t feel insecure, per se, I did, for a fleeting moment, feel so, so American. I quickly changed playlists.

Aside from my coolness mishap on the ride down, that day in Brighton was such a happy experience. The town was charming, and we ate at a restaurant that sat us out back under an umbrella, despite that fact that it was so obviously going to rain. I remember my peas literally flying off of my plate as we scurried inside when the inevitable downpour came.

We sat on the Brighton beach for what seemed like hours that day, and took this absurd picture of our feet that I’m sure I’ve lost by now. We left town around 9 p.m. (I was fast asleep when we pulled up outside of my flat near midnight), but not before I gathered some of the polished smooth stones that take the place of sand on the beach. They still sit on my windowsill in my office.

I saw this friend again in the fall of 2010, when I was in an entirely different place (figuratively and literally), and he bought me a drink for my 25th, which put me over the edge. Soon after, Stef, Jean, Mar and I ended up in a late-night London grocery store, purchasing huge bottles of water and talking about the Buckeyes with some British dude who “knew about Ohio.”

There’s really no point to this post except for that fact that, wow, memories are really something, aren’t’ they? My life as it stands right now is divided into kind of a “pre” and “post,” and this memory from Brighton is one of my favorites from the “pre” era. And isn’t it just so odd that one night in April 2006, after my pals and I snuck into a club that so obviously didn’t want us there, I met someone that I would spend 30 minutes thinking about on a Thursday night in the fall of 2012? Life is just weird, basically. A weird mix of weird people doing weird things and sometimes meeting one another. Ah, the universe.

I think I’ve come across more melancholy than I would have liked, but I also don’t think I’ll edit this down… this is what listening to “Summer Skin” made me think about tonight, so this is what you get.

Baseball, Bacon & Blues

22 Aug

Photos by Jenny Rogers.

I love late-summer evenings.

And with the amount of autumn-focused posts I have planned, you’d think the theme of HJR was “weather.” I know, I know. It’s soooo cliche this time of year to hear about how “nice it’s been outside.” But the thing is, I’m infatuated with this time of year. Sure, the days are getting shorter, but the crisp air is definitely welcomeafter the summer we’ve had. I won’t put all my apples (get it? because they’re seasonal?) in the fall basket just yet, but I will admit that I’m super excited.

So, what else is there to be excited about?

Kick-Start: What to look forward to this week.

We don’t have a huge professional sports scene in Columbus, but we do have serious rivalries. Check out the baseball variety on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday when the Clips take on the T-Town Mud Hens. Penny pinching? Tickets start at just 12 bones.

Crafty? Obsessed with pinning DIY projects that you’ll probably never get around to? Check out Etsy Team Columbus’ annual craft party on Friday. It’s free!

Catch some fashion flicks at the Columbus Museum of Art this weekend, when they host the Kleibacker Film Fest. Friday’s film is Bill Cunningham New York (su-freaking-purb), Saturday’s film is The September Issue, and Sunday’s film is Secret World of Haute Couture.

Hungry? Thirsty? Feel like partying? The Columbus Food Truck Fest takes place at the Ohio Historical Center on Saturday and Sunday; BaconCamp Columbus is happening on Saturday; and Summer Beerfest will be raging on Saturday night. Cheers!

Fan of Dr. House? Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band take the stage at the LC on Sunday.

Mumford, Maps & Myriad Links

17 Aug

This week was a doozy, folks. Busy, busy, busy both at and away from work. Sorry about the lack of posts… I keep telling myself that the fall will give me more time for things like HJR, but I think that may be a silly thing to think.

So, as for my week, the highlight was definitely the Mumford & Sons show on Tuesday night (and as for the song at the link… I can’t even). The LC really did us a favor with the festival setup out back, and Mumford, Dawes and Apache Relay all put on a fantastic, raucous show.

Also exciting was the arrival, this afternoon, of the above. I ordered this from one of those bargain sites (specifically, Touch of Modern), last week, and I’m super excited to have it hanging on my walls. My love of London (and maps) really knows no bounds, and this baby’s a map of all of London’s streets – complete with cycle routes! The map’s from a UK-based company called The Future Mapping Company, and if you’re as into cartography as I am, check ’em out!

Although this week didn’t allow me much time to post a whole heck of a lot, I certainly happened upon a number of things that I found worth sharing.

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

The Short List came up with, well, a list of the 30 most stylish film characters. I’d have to agree with the Dude. No one holds a candle!

David Rakoff was a great storyteller. This clip is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

When I lived in Cleveland, I volunteered each weekend at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). They shared today the story of Wyatt, a pup who was left in a pretty crummy situation and missing a back paw. This video tells a bit about Wyatt’s story so far, and by clicking here you can donate to his recovery and the creation of his prosthetic!

God, how out of touch is Paul Ryan? Rage? Really? Does he not underst..nevermind. Mind melt. (Also, one time Stef, Mar and I saw Zack de la Rocha on the street in Chicago – with his mom – and he seemed like a total dork. Which was cool).

More from the Gawker universe: Donald Trump is such a blowhardI’m sorry… I mean loser.

Ugh to Putin, but also Ugh to Reuters. How, again, is a short skirt  relavent to this story?

These sculptures are incredible!

Loving this gift-wrap idea.

I’m convinced that the universe is trying to get me to go into an American Eagle again. This is just more proof.

One of the most important things you will click on this year. Trust me.

Big Meals, Big Moments & The Death of Creativity

10 Aug

The meal of an Olympic male figure skater, via photographer Michael Bodiam.

The Internet is full of so much garbage. But also some pretty great stuff. You just have to do some sifting to find the real gems, like photographer Michael Bodiam’s take on an Olympic meal infographic. I’m not sure where he got his information – I’m assuming he did some digging to find out what these athletes munch on when they’re off the courts, out of the pools, etc. – but I’m super impressed nonetheless.

It’s just so charming!

And Then Some … an assortment of things that grabbed my interest this week:

Mohawk guy, obviously.

The Olympics end on Sunday, and it’s been a pretty fun ride. This moment was one of my favorites.

Indie rock meets MLB trade deadline… I know nothing about baseball, but got a chuckle out of this anyway.

More fun stuff from Paste… Avett cover art! Animated no less. Getting very, very excited for Sept. 11.

Misogyny so nice, they did it twice.

Looking forward to a new alb. from these crazy kids.

Something new to covet… Plomo shoes.

Digging this Lolla photo, taken by my pal Ryka. Wish I had seen the shows, but not sad I missed the evac. Yikes!

You guys! It’s really happening!

90s Hip Hop and Summerfest

7 Aug

Photo by Jenny Rogers.

As you may know from last week’s Kick-Start, this past Saturday was my pal Manda’s bachelorette party, and in true “more hip than you” fashion (Manda is more hip than most everyone, really) the party was an absolute blast. We took a tour of Brothers Drake Meadery – which I’ll write about later in the week – and then rode around the Short North and beyond on the Cycle Tavern, which was seriously so. fun.

Why was it fun? For starters, they let you play your own tunes. And with Soller as a DJ we made sure that anyone out gallery hoppin’ heard at least some Mase, David Banner and Mariah. For… finishers?… the entire idea of the Cycle Tavern is just genius. You bike to bars. What isn’t fun about that?

In any case, my recommendation for the Cycle Tav. is strong to seriously strong. Check it out, Cap-City pals.

Kick-Start: What to look forward to this week.

Weird Marilyn Monroe fetish? (Lookin’ at you, Lohan…) Check out a double feature of The Misfits and Don’t Bother to Knock, on screen today at the Wex.

Late Night Slice on a Thursday afternoon? Yes, please. The Food Truck Food Court will be at the Columbus Commons from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cheer on the more than 6,000 riders cycling to end cancer on Saturday, when Pelotonia takes off from the Columbus Commons.

It’s sold out, but maybe you’ll get lucky and manage to find some last-minute tix – CD 102.5’s Summerfest features The Lumineers, Civil Twilight, Ben Kweller, Metric and a few more.

Can’t make it to Summerfest? Grab tickets to see MMJ and Band or Horses on Sunday at the LC.