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Color Collaboration

31 Jan

I love turquoise. Anyone who knows me knows that. And ya know what? Coral isn’t that bad either.

So, it goes without saying… there’s not a thing I don’t love about these turquoise & coral combo pieces. My wardrobe can use a little additional spice — and I think this trend is a more-than-adequate solution.


Clockwise from top left: I, II, III, IV.


All Pets Allowed

28 Jan

A super talented fella with a pretty good eye for fab design recently sent me a link to Desire to Inspire, and I’m lov-ing it. First things first: the concept of this blog is just so cool! Kim and Jo — the site’s masterminds/co-curators — have never once met. And yet! They’ve managed to pull together some pretty stellar content from across the world (Ottawa & Brisbane, respectively).

The blog is full of inspirational shots of out-of-this-world interiors, but one of the features I like best isĀ Mondays pets on furniture. Fairly self-explanatory, but charming nonetheless. Folks from around the globe send Jo & Kim pictures of their furry loved ones hanging out on, well, the furniture. And it’s adorable.


The above is my favorite: Obi “sitting on his favorite vintage chair.” You just know that dog is a straight-up gentleman.

Enjoy browsing! I know I am.

Binns’ Baubles

29 Dec

I stumbled today, as I tend to do, across a jewelry designer named Tom Binns. And now I’m having a moment.

From the multicolored baguettes that are strangely reminiscent of costume jewelry that I would have worn as a kid, to the the freaking out-of-this-world chest pieces… I am in awe. So modern, so fun, so smartly chic. It’s serious jewelery that’s not taking itself too seriously. Head over heels, as they say.


Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Dazzle ‘Em!

17 Dec

New Years Eve is quickly approaching… and you know what that means, dontcha?! Sparkle! (If you don’t think it means “sparkle”… it’s probably best that you stop reading now).

If you’re hard-pressed for ideas, take a look-see at these babies… ranging from pretty darn cheap to a little on the pricey side.

Dazzle Em

Clockwise, from the top right:

Sequin Lightbox Dress, Madewell: $158.00
Firolber in Bordeaux Suede, Aldo: $49.99
Rhinestone Collar Necklace, Forever 21: $14.80
Goldleaf Cocktail Dress, Anthropologie: $258.00
Drop-Waist Sequin Dress, H&M: $49.95
Yellow Crystal Bracelet, LOFT: $44.50

The Frankie Pump in Gold, Madewell: $218.00
Goldtone Bow Belt, LOFT: $29.50

Do it. Yourself.

10 Dec


I was hesitant to post this, as I’m still contemplating making one or two of the items on this list for family & friends this Christmas.

But… c’mon. I had to share the wealth! Kudos to the folks at Buzzfeed for this super-cool rundown of DIY treats.

Up top is something that my dad made for Deb a while back. I’ve been meaning to make one myself, and I think this chic version has re-inspired me. Make it: jewelry frame.

lacevoticesAren’t these awesome!? Tough + sweet. I mean… if leather and lace is going to be “a thing” this season (I’m into it, FYI), why not straight-up cement and lace? Make it: cement and “lace” votives.


Leave it to Martha to come up with these adorable cork coasters. Man, cork is always a good thing. Make it: personalized cork coasters.


Alright. Someone get me some geodes, stat. Make it: geode rings.

Wintertime Wears

27 Nov

It’s here — the icey, awful, don’t-wan’t-to-go-outside weather. The upside: these awesome winter duds. The downside: the budget I’m forcing upon myself.

The goods, clockwise:

J.Crew Collection houndstooth popoverZara pleated shoulder coatMadewell glitter oxfordsNeiman Marcus for Target Skaist-Taylor kid’s hatZara cowboy ankle bootsUrban Outfitters “Around the World” leather watch (also known as: “something I desperately want”).

Who’s Your Muse?

25 Sep

I’ve come back to this Muse cover like 3 days in a row now. I mean, Dree’s gorgeous, sure (and a Hemingway!) But I honestly can’t decide what I like about this most… it’s basic-is-the-new-black feel? The nose ring? The floral? The eyebrows? Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably the nose ring. Viva la stud!