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One Post About Many Things

9 Sep

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

I’ve linked to Short List a number of times in my posts on HJR. As you know, I’m partial to lists, but I also love websites that let me ramble. One post sparks an idea that sparks a question that sparks a Google search that sparks another list-browse that, like today, sparks a blog post. The list that most intrigued me today was Literature’s Greatest Closing Paragraphs, which by its very title is something I’d be obsessed with (see: Jenny’s obsessions, literature).

In any case, this post got me thinking about a number of things, and in keeping with this theme (lists, obviously), I’m going to share those thoughts with you now:

1. Re: the quote above… The Great Gatsby is a heartbreaking, gorgeous tale. And I am so sad that the DiCaprio/Mulligan version has been pushed back.

1a. A Gatsby-themed party would be legit.

2. On the Road has been my “favorite” book for probably going on a decade. I could read it once a month. There was at time at OU when I did read it almost once a month. But as I type this, I’m intensely aware of how non-Kerouac I am. Which, of course, is fine, as you don’t have to be a certain type of person to like a certain type of book. But a road trippin’, drug-tryin’, thrill-seekin’ Dear Moriarty I am not. Actually, you know what? I just figured out why I love this book so much. It’s because I love being around people like Dean Moriarty. The mad ones, as Sal says. I’ve spent a good portion of my 20s chasin’ after the mad ones… I wonder if that will ever change?

2a. I am very anxious to see the upcoming film adaption of this book, staring Kristen Stewart, who I feel bad for. Girlfriend is 22 freaking years old. Mistakes are to be made! However… I also don’t really believe that the relationship in question was ever more than a PR stunt. So… joke’s on… everyone?

3. People quoting American Psycho will never not make me chuckle. “I can do a thousand now.”

3a. I love Christian Bale.

4. Imma let you finish… but Harry Potter is ones of the best series of all time.

5.  I watched Trainspotting for the first time last night (I know, I know), and I’ve thought about it pretty much all day. And here it is, on this list! Weird. Takeaways from this include: glad I never had a heroin habit; maybe Scotland isn’t the nicest place in the world?; Ewen McGregor isn’t cute with a drug addiction – and what is with male belly shirts?!; that movie could have used subtitles; why doesn’t anyone talk about AIDS anymore?