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Color Collaboration

31 Jan

I love turquoise. Anyone who knows me knows that. And ya know what? Coral isn’t that bad either.

So, it goes without saying… there’s not a thing I don’t love about these turquoise & coral combo pieces. My wardrobe can use a little additional spice — and I think this trend is a more-than-adequate solution.


Clockwise from top left: I, II, III, IV.


Binns’ Baubles

29 Dec

I stumbled today, as I tend to do, across a jewelry designer named Tom Binns. And now I’m having a moment.

From the multicolored baguettes that are strangely reminiscent of costume jewelry that I would have worn as a kid, to the the freaking out-of-this-world chest pieces… I am in awe. So modern, so fun, so smartly chic. It’s serious jewelery that’s not taking itself too seriously. Head over heels, as they say.


Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Put a Ring On It

16 Aug

Image via Barneys.

It’s certainly no secret that I have a thing for accessories. More is more, at least most of the time. I can be fairly picky, though, when it comes to jewelry – I like pieces that have a little “I don’t know what” (that’s English for “Je ne sais quoi”). And recently my eyes were caught (what a disgusting phrase, right?) by jewelry designer Cathy Waterman.

Full disclosure: I initially stumbled across Waterman around the time that a few of my pals became engaged – now, before any male that reads this blog (population: probably no one) recoils in horror, please know that I was not looking at engagement rings for myself. We do not celebrate delusion here at HJR. However, I was looking at engagement rings out of curiosity, because they were something toward which I had literally put no thought until my friends started to don them. (Yiiiikes I just said a lot about my last relationship, didn’t I).

In any case (this post is spiraling), I found her rings to be not only beautiful but also so very unique. And then of course I looked into all of her fine baubles, and the rest of the jewelry gang is pretty gorgeous, too.

Waterman’s clearly not afraid of a floral motif, which I adore, and she seems to have “whimsy” in mind when designing many of her pieces.

I am infatuated with this tiny flower ring,  but not nearly as much as I am with this super-cool oval blue opal daisy ring.  The ring up top, though? I mean… it’s hideous (I am lying). If you really want to go crazy (and if you’re very much rolling in it, “it” being money), how about this loooovely gem?

Thanks for diamond dwelling with me. You’re real pals.

Bling Ring

23 Jun

Photos by Jenny Rogers.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time going through my Grandma Rogers’ jewelry. In fact, it’s really all I enjoyed doing at their place. Great grandparents, sure, but they lacked the pool – and during part of the year, freakin’ canal leading to the Atlantic – that my mom’s parents had. So, it was upstairs to the jewelry box I would go, to do this weird thing that I did as a kid, which probably explains my OCD-like tendencies today – I sorted. I loved to sort. By color. By size. By straight-up bling-bling, if you know what I mean. I sorted, then tried on, then re-sorted, then put it all away again. Weird kid, for sure.

In any case, my Granddad Rogers passed away during my last year of high school, and my Grandma is now, sadly, in a nursing home here in Columbus. I don’t see her much, which is an entirely different, depressing tale that I certainly won’t go into on this here wordpress, but recently my dad allowed me to take much (most?) of her baubles home with me. He recently sold her condo, and the Rogers household has been packed with … things. Good thing for my parents – I LOVE things. Trinkets? Gimme. Books? Gimme. Vintage glassware? Oh what are you kidding me?! Gimme. So, I’ve received a lot of all of that lately. And now, the incredible jewelry collection.

I’ve already worn a number of my Grandma’s pieces – I love how her style was so varied – and I feel like wearing her jewelry has given me just a tiny bit of insight into her life.

Disclaimer: The shark was actually my Grandma Pat’s. I loved that, too, as a kid, and she gave it to me when I graduated from college. Ah, grandmas. Aren’t they great?

So with all of this said, I give you some of my favorites.